Integrity. Experience. Service.

Highly recommended by the Bucks County Bar Association. The importance and weight of this review from my legal peers can not be overstated. Read about their procedures and methodology as well as full results here.

About me and why I am running for judge…

I am Dianne Magee and I am running as a candidate for judge for one of the three open positions on the Court of Common Pleas of Bucks County, the general trial court for the County. I have lived in and practiced law in Bucks County for more than 34 years and currently reside in Plumstead Township.

I am running because I wish to serve.  The people of Bucks County, especially as our population ages, need a judge who understands their issues and the practical effects that the hard decisions made in Court will have on their lives.

In my law practice I enjoy listening to people, hearing their stories, explaining the law to them, and helping them resolve their problems in practical and efficient ways. I understand the real-world ramifications and consequences of the law and litigation and how one decision by a judge can change, for better or worse, many people’s lives.

As a candidate for judge for the Court of Common Pleas of Bucks County, I offer my 34 years of dedicated professional and community service to families in crisis and to protecting our most vulnerable citizens, including children, the disabled and the elderly. I am a respected authority on elder law issues, recognized by community leaders and attorneys statewide. I would be the first judge in Bucks County with this unique experience and knowledge, earned through a career spent helping ordinary people as their trusted legal counsel.

I have 19 years of experience serving as the Solicitor for the Bucks County Area Agency on Aging, the County agency which protects residents aged 60 or older from physical abuse, financial exploitation or neglect and abandonment.  I perform all of the Agency’s Older Adult protective services litigation, which has nearly doubled in the last year. This work gives me a first-hand perspective on the growing needs and concerns of our aging population.

I view my profession as one of service and always have. I would like to continue to serve Bucks County as a judge in the Court of Common Pleas, where I pledge to serve with integrity, respect and compassion.

Can I count on your support?

Join Dianne’s growing team of incredibly committed volunteers who love getting the MOST qualified candidate elected, and are working together to make the future of Bucks County the best it can be!

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