Hon. Leonard Sokolove and Dianne at his retirement party in 1995.

I first met Dianne Magee in 1987 when she became the law clerk to my late father, Judge Leonard B. Sokolove, in Bucks County’s Court of Common Pleas.  He had an immense respect for her competence and formidable intellect –the fine mind that powered her through Stanford University and Duke Law — as well as a deep admiration for her qualities as a human being: Decency, kindness, and compassion along with a finely honed sense of humor.

I know this because he spoke of her often, and he felt fortunate that she stayed on his staff longer than she might have otherwise. Her two children were young, and her role allowed her to parent them while working to contribute to the high standards of Orphans Court and to help guide him on the other matters before him.  He relied on her judgment and her writing and editing acumen, and he rarely if ever came to a decision without talking it through with her. I know that he was a very good judge but he would have been the first to say that Dianne made him a better one.

Dianne’s knowledge of the law, the wisdom she has accumulated in her nearly four decades as an attorney, her ethical compass, her dedication to what’s right and just, and her demonstrated dedication to public service —  combined with the personal qualities anyone who knows her would attest to — will make her an ideal jurist. I cannot imagine anyone more qualified. 

Michael Sokolove

Diane Magee is highly accomplished woman with an extensive background in elder law and community commitment with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Bucks County.  I am confident she will execute her judicial responsibilities with legal acumen, compassion, and wisdom.  Bucks County needs people of her caliber as Judge of Common Pleas, and I support her candidacy.

Wendy Ullman, State Representative

I have known Dianne for approximately 10 years, as a friend and as a client as an estate executor, and she has been an upstanding friend, citizen and consummate professional. Dianne’s capabilities match a brilliant intellect with a commitment and compassion for others. Due to Dianne’s length of service and her high integrity, she would be an excellent Judge.

Michael O’Brien

She has always been professional, patient and fair. Her integrity is the best and she is very knowledgeable of the law and the procedures. I look forward to working with her on any matter, as I know I will receive her position, which is straight forward and unambiguous. My opinion is that she will be an excellent jurist and she will conduct herself as a jurist, the same way she does as an attorney.

Adrian L. Meyer

I am honored to know and call Dianne Magee my friend. I have watched her help people in need for 18 years. When tragedy hit me, Dianne was there. She will bring credibility, integrity, thoughtfulness, compassion and an ability to make the hard decisions to the court. I proudly endorse Dianne Magee for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

Robin Robinson

Dianne has impeccable credentials having graduated from Duke University School of Law, worked for the Court and in private practice and served in leadership capacity for the bar association and other professional organizations. Further, she has an exemplary community service record. The bench would be well served with a judge of Dianne’s caliber and we are fortunate that Dianne is ready, willing and able to serve. 

Yvette E. Taylor-Hachoose

There is no one who would do a better job for the people of Bucks County. As an attorney, she has the highest level of integrity, knowledge and intellect. She is highly respected by her fellow attorneys.

Her knowledge of the law is extensive. Whenever I and many of my fellow attorneys in Bucks County have had a question about some aspect of estate or elder law, it is Dianne who we contact. Furthermore, she has the demeanor to be a judge – willing to hear both sides and respectful of parties and other attorneys.

Kathryn G. Carlson, Esq.

She is certainly qualified through her education and career to serve as a Judge in the County. More importantly, she is a fair and reliable person who I have no doubt will serve the court system honorably.

Pauline G. O’Brien

Dianne is widely viewed as a foremost legal authority on crucial issues of elder care and child welfare, such as protecting the assets of vulnerable senior citizens, fighting for the proper guardianship of incapacitated adults and children, and safeguarding individual and family estates.  Dianne literally helped “write the book” (i.e., the Orphans’ Court Manual) that sets the rules that must be followed by all lawyers and parties who come before the court on those critical matters, as well as for child adoptions, termination of parental rights cases, and wrongful death and survival actions.  Every year since 2011, she has been named a “Pennsylvania Super Lawyer.”

Because Judges have tremendous discretion in the Orders they issue, and those Orders can have a lasting impact – for good or for bad – it is imperative that our Judges not only be exceptional lawyers but also exceptional people.

Meg Groff, Attorney, New Britain Borough
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